Sell your Condo fast!!

here a few key points that’ll hopefully speed the process along and make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

Fix A Fair Price

Before fixing a price, consult your local real estate agent, do some online research or check the papers to get an idea of the going rate for condos/homes in your area. While it might be tempting to price the property high and reduce the price later during negotiations, this strategy puts off potential buyers, especially if you want to sell your condo fast.

Buyers have done their research too so they are going to be well informed about the property prices in your area and a high price might deter them from taking you seriously and proceeding to view the property. It’s important to keep the asking price as fair as possible and as close to the price you want to sell the property for. The price is the first thing that attracts potential clients and a good price is beneficial for all concerned parties.

Be Open To Offers and sell your condo fast

While this meet sound counter-intuitive, sellers need to be open to offers and negotiations. If an offer is not in the price range that the seller is considering then quite a few sellers refuse outright. Make a counter offer that’s acceptable to you instead. Often a potential transaction is halted just because of a blanket refusal when more negotiations might have resulted in a sale.

Also, from our 20 years of experience in selling properties in Bangkok, we have found that the first offer is often the highest offer. Sellers might want to take that into account instead of waiting for a better deal to materialize later on.


Present your home in the best possible light, since a buyer’s first impression of it is critical. Buyers need to see what a fantastic home it is, and as they are buying into a lifestyle as much as they are buying a property, show them the kind of lifestyle they could have. Get rid of excess stuff, remove personal photos, get rid of bulky furniture that eats up space and give the walls a fresh coat of paint if needed. Ensure that the place looks neat and clean, has some warmth/personality and use a reed diffuser to make sure that it smells fresh.

Also make sure that all appliances and electrical fixtures are in working order so that your home is ready to move in – you don’t want to give prospective buyers the feeling that they have to spend time and money in fixing anything.

Take Excellent Photographs

You’ll want to takes some photographs that present your home in the best possible light. Ensure that there’s no laundry lying around or dishes in the sink before you take your pictures. Take a lot of photographs from different angles so that you have options later to select the best among them. We at Century21Skylux are committed to helping you sell your home fast and are prepared to put up a virtual reality tour of your property online to sell your condo fast.

Work With A Good Agent

We can’t emphasize the importance of this enough as your agent is responsible for pointing out all the positives of your property and downplaying any downsides. Do your research and choose an agent with a good reputation. While it might be tempting to list your properties with several agents, it’s a good idea to spend time to find the right agent with the right skill set.

The agent is also responsible for informing the client about the taxes involved and ensuring that you know the right balance amount at the end. These amounts need to be factored in when considering the offer. A good agent will be able to offer you professional guidance on these and many other aspects of a sale to ensure a smoother transaction.