Growing Economy

The Thai economy continues to post strong growth figures and has a solid long-term outlook.

Stable Environment

Real estate investment in Thailand provides above average yields and capital appreciation.

Low Taxes

Unlike other countries globally, there are no special taxes targeting overseas real estate buyers.

Strategic Location

As the hub of Southeast Asia, Thailand is centrally located and boasts an array of connectivity links.

Thailand Real Estate Investment

Thailand remains a preferred real estate investment destination due to low prices, strong returns and a diverse range of property types available. Savvy investors from around the world are active in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Khao Yai and Samui.

Property prices in Thailand are a fraction of those in major markets, such as Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK, despite strong demand. The affordable prices provide investors with more room for rental yields with these averaging anywhere from 3-8% in Bangkok and upwards of 10% in Thailand’s resort areas.