Phuket Neighborhoods

Welcome to Phuket

Phuket is known for its beaches, but Phuket Town offers something a little different. The streets are lined with colonial buildings and shophouses that embrace the multi-cultural history of the island. Even without a beach, it remains one of Phuket’s must visit destinations.

It is home to countless cafes, restaurants and historic landmarks. In addition to this, it has far more shopping options than most other parts of the island. Phuket Town is centrally located providing easy access to most of the popular beaches. This is ideal if you want to be free to explore everything Phuket has to offer instead of focusing on area.

Phuket Town may not be the first place many people think about when the island is mentioned, but it is an area worth considering if you don’t want to pay the beachfront premium. Real estate prices here are anywhere from 10 to 50% cheaper than other parts of the island.

However, the lower prices may not stay that way for much longer. The Phuket light rail project continues to progress and the new line will connect Phuket International Airport with Phuket Town, providing a quick, direct link that reduces travel times.

With more tourists heading to Phuket than ever before, the light rail will prove to be a boon for the holiday rental market in Phuket Town which isn’t as popular as beachfront areas at the moment. While experts differ on just how great the impact will be, all agree that the real estate market in Phuket Town will benefit from this project.